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Krill Tuna Sandwich
Omega-3 Cookie
Krill Crab Salad
Spicy Krill Crab Wrap

*Available for eating in, grab 'n go, and catering services.

Krill (safe seafood)
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Another unique feature of Eon Coffee is that we offer krill as an optional ingredient in the food we serve. Although this product is still on its way in gaining popularity, the health benefits are unbelievable. Krill is being called the “magician” of the ocean.

Caught in the pure, ice-cold waters of the Antarctic, krill are tiny shrimp-like zooplankton that are rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which repair aging cells. Studies show that Krill oil is up to 300 times more rejuvenating than vitamins A and E. Krill oil contains significantly more omega-3 compared to other seafood like tuna, salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel. Despite recent warnings in poisonous metals found in much of today’s seafood, krill comes from the purest ocean waters, making it perfectly safe even for pregnant women.

Woman World reports that “women who took krill oil in clinic trials reported an improvement in the look and feel of the hair, skin and nails, along with a 58% reduction in wrinkling, redness and other skin problems.”

The same source goes on to describe that, "Krill oil is so potent that women who took it for three months reported a 51% boost in energy, alertness, memory, concentration, and stamina in a recent Canadian study. And almost 100% described having a greater sense of well-being and happiness -- plus a 31% reduction in aches and pains!"

Krill also dramatically drops levels of clogged arteries, cutting one’s risk of heart attack nearly in half. It has also been proven to prevent skin cancer, induced by chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

With all these beneficial factors, it is no surprise that krill received the “silver award” from the “New Products Conference” at the International Boston Seafood Show 2002!

Although Krill is gaining fast popularity in Japan and Korea, it is still hardly available in the United State. Eon Coffee has made krill easily available for you to try today.

We are proud to be the only place in the country known to currently serve krill as part of the regular menu.


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